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Oil Products

The core business has been developed by establishing long-term relationships with producers and allocation holders, ensuring secure, continual supplies. The Group aggressively seeks new partnerships and sources to supply the demands of gulfipet’s  increasing number of clientele.

The group principally trades in bulk cargoes of petroleum products and minerals, sourced through manufacturers and traders within the group’s target markets. Energy products such as Gas Oil and Coal for factories, Fuel Oil for vessels and bunkering and Iron Ore for Steel production comprise the group’s main traded products.


Energy Products, Minerals & Ores

gulfipet Organisation trades in a full range of petroleum products from the CIS, West Africa, Asia and the Middle East. These supplies are secured through long term agreements and spot contracts with producers, allocation holders and traders, though our expertise lies in secondary market contracts. By participating in the secondary market, we offer flexible financial solutions to suppliers, enabling them to bring their products to market.

Middle distillates such as Gasoil, Diesel and Jet Fuel, and heavy distillates such as High Sulfur Fuel Oil make up the highest volume of the Group’s trading activities. Light distillates such as Gasoline represent our newest product range from High Octane to low grade products being supplied to traders for delivery to their clients.

The group supplies minerals and ores from its own mines, as well as from other producers in the Middle East and Asia to China and India. Minerals are transported by truck to main storage areas awaiting inspection and shipment to end-users, factories, steel mills and traders.

Petroleum products

Crude Oil : gulfipet Organisation trades and brokers various types of crude oil from concession and allocation holders to refining groups and major trading houses. Product is mainly obtained from West Africa and the CIS, though new strides have been taken to secure product for refineries through producers in the Middle East and North Africa .

Refined Products : The group’s main focus is on the trade of Gasoil and Fuel Oil, which are two of the most abundant and sought after products. Cargoes are currently purchased from Europe, the CIS and the GCC Countries to supply client requirements.

Current Operations:
•    Gasoil cargoes are being shipped from the CIS (Russia and Turkmenistan) Malaysia  to Europe and West Africa.
•    Cargoes of Gasoil and Gasoline are being supplied from Turkmenistan   and GCC countries to the Persian Gulf area. Storage tanks are being leased for the blending of products for local markets in Iraq and UAE.
•     High Sulphur Fuel Oil is being delivered from GCC Countries to India, Pakistan, Singapore and China.
•    Bitumen and Sulphur are being shipped from Russia and Iran to India.
•    Condensate from Nigeria, Iran and Iraq and for selling to China.
•    Naphtha is being shipped from Iraq, Iran and for selling to Turkey and China.
•    SN 500 coming from Iran to Singapore and Malaysia.
•    Urea from Ukraine, Russia and Iran to India, Pakistan, Iraq and Africa.
•    Crude Oil shipped from Iraq, Iran, and Nigeria to USA, Europe, India and Africa.

Minerals & Ores

gulfipet group trades minerals and ores such as Iron Ore, Manganese & Chrome Ore and Muscovite (Mica )  – originating from the Middle East, South Asian and South East Asian regions, supplying to the Chinese and Indian markets.
The group owns four Chrome Ore and Manganese mines and has off-taker contracts with Iron Ore mines in Iran, Indonesia and Australia.
gulfipet is actively evaluating investment opportunities in natural resource projects, such as mines in Indonesia, Brazil and Australia.
Further information provided upon request.