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Muscovite (Mica)
A potassium aluminum silicate mineral, KAl2(AlSi3O10)(OH)2, the most common form of mica, which ranges from colorless or pale yellow to gray and brown, has a pearly luster, and is used as an insulator. Also called white mica. It is a pale brown, or green, or colorless mineral of the mica group, found in plutonic rocks such as granite and in sedimentary rocks. It is used in the manufacture of lubricants, insulators, paints, and Christmas “snow”. Composition: potassium aluminum silicate.

Muscovite is the most common mica, found in granites, pegmatites, gneisses, and schists, and as a contact metamorphic rock or as a secondary mineral resulting from the alteration of topaz, feldspar, kyanite, etc.
In pegmatites, it is often found in immense sheets that are commercially valuable. Muscovite is in demand for the manufacture of fireproofing and insulating materials and to some extent as a lubricant.

The name of muscovite comes from Muscovy-glass, a name formerly used for the mineral because of its use in Russia for windows.
Burj Petroleum organisation can supply from Russia, Afghanistan,Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, Tanzania and Argentina.
Burj is willing to sign a joint venture with any Mine Owners.¬† Mine owners can send their respective agents or representative to check the mine, coordination with capital investment and all its equipment’s then Burj can sign a contract provided all information’s and requirements are given.

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