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Base oil is refined out of petroleum crude oil to which additives and other substances are added to produce a lubricant   (a typical lubricant contains at least 90% base oil and less than 10% additives). A lubricant is by definition a substance used in various industries and equipments (automotive sector being the prime consumer) to reduce wear and lower friction between moving parts.
Each crude oil, which base oils are derived from, has specific properties which are passed onto its refined products. These include viscosity, sulphur, color, density, flash point, pour point and volatility which define the quality of the products made from the crude oil. How the crude petroleum is refined will also influence the charateristics of the base oils.

Also we can provide Base Oil Group II & Group III in FOB or CFR delivery term.

  • G III 4 CST
  • G III 8 CST
  • BS 120
  • G II N 150
  • NH 20
  • NH 140
  • SN 300

Kinds of base oil:

 SN150 Find Full Specification here
 SN500 Find Full Specification here


Sn 150 -1 SN 500