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My company Gulfipet Organisation can provide additional lubricant additives and with the following objectives:

  • To invest in all aspects relating to additives for lubricants including production, use, supply and cost reduction.
    •To create a technical team, by head hunting highly educated, qualified and experienced scientist from within the industry and allied suppliers.
    •To utilize knowledge and experience available from allied industries to advantage our customers.
    •To collaborate through contracts placed with universities and other specialized technical bodies to further achieve the company objectives.
    •To identify new sources of raw materials and provide the latest technology for the modification and improvement of existing and new components for exclusive use in our products.
    •To utilize knowledge gained in our collaborations for the improvement of existing suppliers processes, bringing their capabilities up to the highest standards.
    •To invest in the development of new formulations for packaged additives in line with the market needs, trends, current specifications and developing regulations.
    •To prepare and test tailor made formulations of additive packages to meet the demanding requirements of end users.
    •To pre-blend tailor made combined additives from approved source to form super packages which can be used alone in customer base oils to provide complete formulation solutions.
    •To running engine test and field trials in order to improve customer acceptance, to gain approvals and to generate marketing date or materials.
    •To make additives for lubricants and other chemical components available locally through a network of distributors.
    •To invest in local bulk storage and logistic operations and facilitate easy supply routes reducing supply time and cost.
    •To provide reliable local bulk production and or storage operations that enable dramatic reductions of customer stocks and inventories.
    •To provide technical services to customers who no longer receive sufficient support from other sources.
    •Provide our customers with technical services such formulation optimization, advise testing, and training of both their personnel and their customers.

* For improving RON & MON in Gasoline, we can provide RON BOOSTER code ” BENHFA 2072 & BENHFA 2039 “.

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